IoT is Enabling Enterprise Strategies for New Beginnings

Out of disconnection and toward interconnection

Key insights

The global pandemic pushed the focus on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies from proof-of-concept to operational necessity. In the emerging business environment, corporate leaders must deploy IoT strategically — beyond what was necessary to what’s now possible — to become purpose-driven, adaptable and resilient.

  • IoT is already delivering value by enabling new business models, seamless customer experiences, responsive value chains, and enhanced quality of life.

  • A strategic approach to developing IoT systems: embed security from the start, connect devices and environments in a real-time context, perform predictive functions, and leverage AI and analytics to be self-correcting.

  • To generate significant value from a company’s IoT systems, top management must embrace a boundaryless organization, enable quick and automated actions, and create rich experiences with a clear purpose.


Unlock Exponential Value with NSTEC’s IoT Business Framework

In the Business 4.0™ world, suppliers, partners, end customers, and enterprises form an interconnected ecosystem — driven by Internet of Things, automation and AI.

NSTEC believes that IoT can enable ‘self-aware’ devices and systems to act on their own, thus ‘Bringing Life to Things’. Bringing Life to Things enables businesses achieve:

  • New business models
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Seamless customer experience
  • Optimized and responsive value chains