Cloud computing, social media, mobile computing and hyper-connectivity have uncovered numerous new digital business opportunities and enhanced enterprise efficiency. However, this means that businesses expose larger attack surface to cyber-attacks and are now more vulnerable. They must safeguard their assets from prevalent as well as unforeseen risks.


Our Cyber Security Advisory, Assessment, and Architecture Review services help address the toughest security challenges. We use our expertise, experience, processes and proven methodologies to help enterprises in following areas.

Identity and Access Management

  •  IAM Maturity Assessment
  •  IAM architecture and product evaluation

Enterprise Vulnerability Management

  • Vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and ethical hacking (application, network and mobile)

Digital Forensics and Fraud Management

  • Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Cyber Security Incident Readiness Assessment
  • Cyber Security Incident Response Framework
  • Digital Forensic Readiness assessment
  • E-Discovery maturity assessment

Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • PCI-DSS readiness assessment
  • ISO 27001/NIST readiness assessment
  • Supplier Risk Framework & maturity assessment
  • Privacy impact assessment (PIA)
  • Risk & Compliance maturity assessment

Managed Security Services

  • Cyber Vigilance Strategy, Architecture and Roadmap
  • Cyber Threat Modeling and Protection Program
  • Cyber Vigilance and response center maturity assessment
  • Cloud Security Strategy


  • Ensure the security of assets across applications and infrastructure
  • Align with the enterprise’s specific business objectives
  • Achieve maturity in the enterprise’s cyber-resilience program to improve TCO
  • Enable rapid competency development and joint solutioning
  • Enable early view of product roadmaps and faster issue resolution
  • Deliver the security program through varied modes
  • Realize business value and revenue growth opportunities