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COVID-19 – A New Beginning for Insurers

Understanding the COVID-19 impact on insurance and what it means for insurers

The COVID-19 crisis is hitting businesses across the globe as they scramble to overcome challenges associated with logistics, workforce, operations and supply chain, finance and liquidity, tax and trade, and strategy and brand. This will inevitably impact the insurance industry where insurers will be expected to not only support their customers by responding swiftly and effectively, but also safeguard investment portfolios and comply with new regulations triggered by the crisis. Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the insurance sector will necessitate analyzing the effects from three different dimensions – resilience, value and growth – and adopting digital technology backed solutions to counter the impact.

Managing the effects on insurance in the post COVID-19 era will require insurers to

  • Ensure smooth working of customer-facing functions
  • Adopt technology enablers to manage the continuously changing situation
  • Reimagine sales, products, and investment management functions
  • Introspect and make plans to future-proof the business beyond the new normal